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Suggested Math Materials

Fun books and educational materials introducing adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division to your children.

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Teaching Basic Math Facts

Learning Basic Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication and Division Facts

Georgene Hughes ©2004


Question: I am looking for free adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division flash cards and ideas that will help my children learn their basic math facts. How can I help my children learn the math facts they struggle with ?


Ideas and Suggestions to help teach Basic Math Facts

Knowing the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are necessary when creating a solid mathematical foundation for future math learning.


The math facts are divided into four areas:

  1. addition

  2. subtraction

  3. multiplication

  4. division

The age and ability of the learner determine how long, how often, and how fast the facts are practiced.


First Exercise

Determine what math facts are needed to learn


Goal of exercise

Determine which facts the learner already knows


Material needed:

  • 2 paper bags (write "got it" on a bag and "Need to review" on the other bag.)

  • Flash cards (download here)

1. Download and print the math facts you would like to test in the Learning Trends math facts downloads page.


2. Use flash cards that you have printed and have the learner answer the math fact on the flash card.

Very important note  - Do not let the learner use his/her fingers to answer the math problem. The learner should be able to quickly answer the math fact. 


3. Put the flash cards that the learner knows in a "Got It" bag, and those that need to be learned in a "Need to Review" bag.


4. Review and/or practice the flashcards a little every day.


First, answer the math facts in the "Got It" bag.  This gives a sense of accomplishment.  If the learner did not know a math fact, move it to the "Need to Review" bag. 


Second, review the math facts in the "Need to Review" bag with the learner. 


Finally, have the learner answer those facts that needed to be reviewed.  If they are able to do it quickly and without any help, move it to the "Got It" bag.


5. When the learner can answer MOST of the facts quickly and correctly- they are ready for EXERCISE TWO, practice using Learning Trends math worksheets.


Don't overdo it! As the teacher or parent, you know your child/children the best. The last thing you want is to have your child dislike math.


Have fun!


Georgene Hughes

Educational Consultant and Instructor for Learningtrends.com



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