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In Spanish the to be (ser) and numbers are used for telling time. 

1:00 - Es la una. 2:00 - Son las dos. 3:00 - Son las tres.
It is one. It is two. It is three.
7:00 - Son las siete.    
It is seven.    

In Spanish you express time from the hour to the half-hour by adding minutes same as in English.

4:17 - Son las cuatro y diecisiete 9:22 - Son las nueve y veintidos.  
It is four and seventeen. It is nine and twenty-two.  

To express fifteen minutes or quarter past you can use y cuarto or  y quince.

8:15 - Son las ocho y cuarto 11:15 - Son las once y quince.

To express half-hour to the hour in Spanish  you subtract the minutes from the next hour.

3:55 - Son las cuatro menos cinco. 10:42 - Son las once menos dieciocho.
It is four minus five. It is eleven minus eighteen.
12:50 - Es la una menos diez.  
It is one minus ten.  

Ask what time an event takes place use the phrase ¿A qué hora ... ? (At what time...). In Spanish to answer the question when something is taking place you will use the construction a la(s)  + time.

¿A qué hora es la fiesta ? La fiesta son las cuatro.
At what time is the party? The party is at four o'clock.
¿A qué hora es la classe ? Es la una.
At what time is the class? At one o'clock.

Phrases associated with telling time in Spanish

en punto de la mañana
on the dot/sharp in the morning
el mediodía de la tarde
noon in the afternoon
la medianoche de la noche
midnight at night


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