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Addition Practice Activities

-Addition quiz


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Learn Basic Math Facts


Practice addition facts using Quia's easy to use activities: matching, flashcards, or concentration!

-Addition facts 0-10


Practice subtraction facts

Subtraction by 1-10


Practice multiplication facts

-Multiplication Tables 0-12

-Multiply by 2

-Multiply by 3

-Multiply by 4

-Multiply by 5

-Multiply by 6

-Multiply by 7

-Multiply by 8

-Multiply by 9

-Multiply by 10

-Multiply by 11

-Multiply by 12


Practice Division facts

Division Facts 1-12


Students who are struggling to learn their basic facts have purchased the following:


                                   Learning Wrap-ups Multiplication

         Hands on multiplication


                 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery

               Multiplication Mastery



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