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GED Consulting Help

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On-line (Email based) GED Homework Consulting Help

Passing the GED tests is not always that easy.  Most often, students will need some sort of assistance.  This GED help could be in the form of attending classes, finding a GED study buddy (usually a friend who has gotten, or in the process of getting their GED), or hiring a tutor.  Private face-to-face tutors can charge anywhere from $30-$50 per hour.

I provide on-line (email based) GED consultation tutoring.  Tutoring rates are fifteen dollars per hour (US$15).  Help given will be tracked in five minute increments.  As you get close to the end of your time limit, an email will be sent to you.  At that time you can discontinue receiving help from me, or you can renew and purchase another hour of GED help.

I cannot guarantee that even with GED tutoring you will pass your tests; however, I will guarantee that you will be satisfied with the consultation tutoring help you receive from me.  If you are not satisfied with the help I provide, I will give you an additional hour of tutoring, absolutely free.  If, after two hours of GED tutoring you are still not satisfied, I will refund your initial purchase of $15.  It will be refunded directly to your PAYPAL account.

If you are interested in on-line (that is, email based) GED help, click on the PAYPAL button below.  I require payment in advance for GED assistance.


How does on-line (email based) GED consulting/tutoring work?

When you make a PAYPAL payment, I will be notified.  Within 24 hours (most likely sooner) I will send you an email confirming that you requested GED help and that you prepaid for 1 hour.  Keep in mind that if you do not have a PAYPAL account, it may take up to 3 working days to set up an account. You can continue to ask (email) questions until your time is used up.  When you get close to the end of your time, I will send you an email so that you have the option of paying for another hour of consultation tutoring.

When I send you the confirming email, I will be asking you two to three questions.  This will help me better prepare for when you ask questions.  I will ask what GED test you are currently studying, if you have a GED study book, and if you do what book you are using.  You will then be ready to ask me GED questions.

When you send me an email, I will  get back you you (via email) within 24 hours.  I teach GED in an Adult Learning Center, volunteer at my daughter's school, the mother of three, and a wife.  In other words, I am a busy woman, but not too busy to help you.  So, if you need an immediate answer or immediate help.... this may not be the solution for you.  However, if you have time and you are learning the GED material over a period of time, this may be a great resource for you.  Email is 24/7 and you can study and ask only the questions you need, as you study them. 

There are many great GED books available and I have used many of them.  However, I have been teaching GED preparation for twelve years, so even if you don't have a book I can suggest one, or send you to some great on-line resources (at other web sites).  You will need a book to successfully prepare for the GED tests.  Either you will need to purchase one at your local book store, borrow one from the public library, or purchase one from me.  Having a book allows you to take ownership of your education.  I do not supply books free of charge; however, I will suggest one that you can purchase at a reasonable cost.  The book does NOT have to be purchased from me. 

Keep in mind that I am not an editing service and I do not do "homework".  When asked a question, I will be explaining it, giving you hints on how to set it up, and explain concepts. I may give you the answer so that you can check your work.  GED Consulting Tutoring replies are "as is" with no guarantee that you will pass your GED test. 

At this time, I am only accepting on-line GED tutoring with GED material and GED help.  If you are interested in other tutoring, please contact me for time and availability.  My email address is ghughes@learningtrends.com

If you are interested in on-line (that is, email based) GED help, click on the PAYPAL button below.  I require payment in advance for GED assistance.


Still not sure, send a GED question to ghughes@learningtrends.com and check out my tutoring skills!



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