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First North American Dream Catcher Kid Kit


Top Usborne Book Picks for Children's Gift Ideas

Choosing great gifts for children of all ages

Georgene Hughes 2004


Question: I am looking for great quality low priced gift ideas for my grandchildren.  I have heard about Usborne Books but do not know what children's books they offer.  In addition to books, what else can I buy?


Usborne Books at Home

Great Gifts for Children of All Ages


Kid Kits

A Kid Kit is a learning bag or box that is focused on a particular book or activity.  It includes all needed supplies and instructions for a child to learn while having fun!



Farmyard Tales Games

Traditional board games that are brought to life by the lovable characters from Farmyard Tales.  Learn valuable counting, number, and matching skills while having hours of fun!




Usborne Books are designed graphically to draw children in, to make them want to learn the material and to help them retain that knowledge.  The magic of Usborne Books is that they make reading and learning fun! 




Have fun!


Georgene Hughes

Educational Consultant and Instructor for Learningtrends.com

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