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GED Math Skills You MUST Know!


Buidling blocks for your GED Math test success!

  1. Make an Appropriate Estimate

  2. Write Decimals in Order

  3. Solve Decimal Word Problems (+,-, x, /)

  4. Understand Order of Operations

  5. Write Fractions in Order

  6. Solve Fraction Word Problems (+,-,x, /)

  7. Understand Percents

  8. Calculate Percents

  9. Compare Fractions, Decimals and Percents

  10. Understand Sales Tax

  11. Understand Ratio

  12. Understand Proportions

  13. Understand Units of Measurement

  14. Read and Interpret a Scale

  15. Change Units of Measure

  16. Understand Rate

  17. Calculate Simple Interest

  18. Understand Similar Figures

  19. Solve Problems Involving Measurement

  20. Understand Measurement of Angles

  21. Understand Angle Relationships in a Triangle

  22. Solve Using Pythagorean Relationship

  23. Solve for Area

  24. Solve for Perimeter

  25. Solve for Volume

  26. Understand Coordinate Planes

  27. Understand Slope of Line

  28. Understand Mean and Average

  29. Interpret Graphs

  30. Understand Probability and Statistics

  31. Evaluate Formulas

  32. Write Algebraic Expressions

  33. Solve Algebraic Expressions

  34. Understand Patterns in Numbers




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