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Fox on a Box

Fox On a Box easy reading book


Big Pig On A Dig

Big Pig On a Dig easy phonics book


Fat Cat On a Mat

Fat Cat On a Mat child easy read book


Ted In A Red Bed

Ted in a red Bed child book


Toad Makes a Road

Toad Makes a Road child gift

Easy Words to Read Books

Phonics-based books for children who are beginning to read or who need additional practice.

Georgene Hughes ©2004


Question: I am looking for phonic based reading books for my first grader who is having difficulty learning to read. I have heard that Usborne Books at home is a wonderful home school resource.  Does Usborne offer easy reading books for children?


Reply:  Usborne Books offers wonderful easy reading books for young children.  In fact they are titled Easy Words to Read books. 


Each book in this series has been created in consultation with a language expert and are part of an engaging phonics-based series. 


Delightful illustrations complement the text and are designed to stimulate further interest.  Fold out pages add to the enjoyment. 


In addition, each book has a phonics guide for parents.


Size of books: 8 11/4 x 8 1/4 inches
Pages: 16


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when you buy four books in one

Ted and Friends

Ted and Friends Child Book

Contained in this book

Ted's Shed

Fat Cat on a Mat

Toad Makes a Road

Sam Sheep Can't Sleep.


Size of book: 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Pages: 66



Ideas and Suggestions


When you sit down and read a book with your child, you may want to first read it to your child.  This is especially important if your child is having difficulty reading.  Once you have finished reading the story to your child, have your child read it back to you. 


As your child reads each story, take note of words or groups of words that are especially difficult.  You may want to take a pencil or highlighter and mark those words in the book, or if you do not own the book- keep a word list. Go over those words daily until they are no longer difficult.


Ask your child questions as you read the book.  Talk about the pictures, the titles, the characters.  Did you like the book/  Who was your favorite character and why?  What do you think will happen next?


Once your child is comfortable with reading the words in a book, they may want to read it over and over again!


Don't overdo it, but read and have your child read to you on a daily basis. The more your child read, the easier it will become for them.


Reading is the key that unlocks the mind!


Have fun!


Georgene Hughes

Education Consultant and Instructor for Learningtrends.com





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