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Easter Cooking

(Children's Cooking)

Easter Cooking child cookbook


First North American Dream Catcher Kid Kit

         First North American Kid Kit


How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids (Activity Book)

         How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids great child gift


Little Round the World Cookbook IL

(Children's Cooking)

         Round the World child cookbook


Princess Things to Make and Do Kid Kit

         Princess Things to Make and Do Kid Kit


Top Picks for Children's Gift Ideas

Choosing great gifts for children of all ages

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Question: I am looking for great quality low priced gift ideas for my grandchildren.  I have heard about Usborne Books but do not know what children's books they offer.  In addition to books, what else can I buy?


Usborne Books at Home

Great Gifts for Children of All Ages



Usborne Books at Home offer a large variety of great children's educational material.  In addition to books, Usborne Books at Home has games, Kid Kits, Puzzles, and much more.



Usborne Books educational material are designed to encourage children to want to learn.  They are well-organized, colorful, and written with humor, surprise, and drama.



Usborne Books at Home has a wide range of subjects covering hobbies, science, nature, parents guidebooks, and more.



The goal of Usborne Books at Home is to provide the finest educational children's books available in the marketplace.



Special features of Usborne Books:

  1. Step-by-step explanations of "How and Why"

  2. Cut-away illustrations so children can get the inside view.

  3. Double page layouts, which open so that the book is easily propped up, enticing the child to delve into the picture.

  4. Pages bursting with activity- a lot of material to explore on each topic.


Top Usborne Books Picks for

Children's Gift Ideas


Have fun!


Georgene Hughes

Educational Consultant and Instructor for Learningtrends.com

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