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Who am I?

Coordinator of an Adult Learning Center:  I currently coordinate the Adult Learning Center for a local Technical College.  I am responsible for staffing, determining courses, budget, and reporting directly to the Campus Administrator and Dean of the Alternative Learning Division. 


GED/HSED Teacher:  I have been preparing adults to take their GED tests for 10+ years and have assisted 500+ students to receive their General Education Diploma!  Preparation includes Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.


Business Owner:  I was the president of CADgrafx, inc, an Authorized Autodesk Dealership for 10 years.  I was the payroll specialist and responsible for accounts receivable and payable. 

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ESL Teacher/tutor:  I have had the opportunity to teach English as a Second Language to students both as a teacher and as a tutor.


Elementary Grade Teacher:  I taught in the lower elementary grades for 5 years on the Apache Reservation in Arizona.


Preschool Teacher:  I taught preschool (3 & 4 year olds) in Madison, Wisconsin.

Workplace Educator:  I have gone into the workplace as an instructor and taught adults basic technical writing.


One-On-One & Group Tutor:  I have tutored children and adults in the areas of math, reading, and writing.

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Curriculum Writer:  I assisted in the writing of Math and Spelling curriculum to be used at the adult level.


Volunteer:  I have volunteered and helped out in my children’s classrooms, school activities, church activities, community projects, and Head Start.


Communicator:  I use technology to train staff and students.  Some of the tools I use are Microsoft Front Page, Excel, Access, and Word.


Life Long Learner

College:  Attended Dr. Martin Lutheran College in Minnesota and trained as an elementary teacher.  My primary degree is education with a focus in math.  I believe in being a Life Long Learner, and since college I have taken workshops to strengthen my skills as a teacher, leader, and mother and wife.  Workshops and classes include the following:  Steven Covey’s 7 Habits, Assessment & Evaluation, Guidance and Counseling, Chamber of Commerce Leadership, Process Education,

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Other classes and workshops I have taken:



….Reading is the Key to YOUR Future….

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