Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reading is the KEY to your GED

Getting your GED could change your life! It may allow you to obtain a promotion at work or, perhaps, get you a job!

As a GED teacher and mentor, I have helped guide hundrends of adults to get his/her GED. It has not always been an easy process. Some did not complete, some completed in less than 6 months, while others took a year or more.

In my experience, the major key is reading! The better your reading ability, the better and faster you will complete your GED tests. So, Pick up a book and read to your child or niece or nephew. Pick up the newspaper and read each and every day.

All the GED tests involve reading, so grab a book, any book, and read!

Want to read and learn GED material at the same time? A great book is the


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fell this test is very helpful in helping me get my GED. I only have the math portion to complete. I know that it will be a success, because it helps me in what I need to focus on. Thank you


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