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GED 2014 Math Help & Free Worksheets

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What is Learning Trends about?  GED, HISET, and TASC Math Review for the New Test

Learning Trends believes that knowing how to read, write, and do arithmetic (math) well is important for every individual, regardless of age. In addition, This includes but is not limited to educators, tutors, students, GED math prep, HISET math prep, TASC math prep, and parents who home school. The goal of this website is to provide GED, HISET, and TASC help, and to provide math practice worksheets, free math worksheets, GED math videos, as well as other educational resources like math worksheets and GED pre math test. GED, HISET, and TASC math practice is important for passing GED test. Download our free math flashcards tfor study. Hope you enjoy .

Looking for a self-paced HISET, TASC, GED math course on fractions?  Click here for a course on fractions.

Recently added videos:  Adding Mixed Number Fractions, Dividing Mixed Number Fractions


Many students consider the GED Math test the hardest test.  Are YOU ready?  Most GED, HISET, and TASC candidates will need to brush up on their Math skills.  This includes brush up on fractions, decimals, percents, basic algebra and basic geometry.  Purchase a good book, find a great tutor, and use the free GED, HISET, and TASC resources on our website.  Good luck!


Are you ready to take the GED Math test?  Would you like to be sure.... take a pre-ged math assessment? 

As of 01/16/15, there were 23,000 responses, and 85% gave this  Pre-GED math assessment a "thumbs up".




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A great site for anyone looking for additional drill in whole number, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra and basic geometry.


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